About Sewa Cab

Sewa Cab was conceived in Feb’2017 in response to the disenchantment of drivers with the exploitative tactics of cab-aggregators. We have developed an ultra-low-cost franchise model under which the drivers hold majority stakes in their respective cities/zones, allowing retention of most of the wealth by the drivers.

Currently operational in Delhi, Sewa Cab is primarily guided by the force and commitment of scores of driver-volunteers. Rakesh Agarwal, the CEO, has been a social activist since 2000 and has been working in the midst of the drivers’ community for the protection of their livelihood and rights in his capacity as the head of Nyayabhoomi, an NGO. To him, drivers are family.

Business Model

Magic Sewa bundles its tested and tried Technology, Marketing and Customer care services and offers them to drivers as a platform. A monthly subscription fee is charged to drivers which is just a fraction of what other operators charge in the form of commissions. This effectively puts 20% more money into the hands of drivers while saving at least 6% for the consumer.

All major policy and operational decisions regarding fares, subscription fee, driver training, grievances, etc. are taken by the working committee of Chaalak Shakti along with Rakesh Agarwal. In early 2018, we shall institute representative form of democracy by electing approx. 300 committees at various levels (for Delhi). Citizens’ and consumers’ groups will also be invited to join the top level body for guiding Sewa Cab’s market facing decisions.


Sewa Cab intends to have all-India presence which shall be based on franchise model. In keeping with our philosophy of inclusive growth, franchise for each city will be given to an entrepreneur who, together with the community of drivers, will float a company for operations in that city.

The business model of Sewa Cab is so agile that a new city can be activated to accept bookings within 24 hours. Our ultra-lean model ensures that a team of no more than 8 staff can smoothly manage a fleet of any size – even 1,00,000 vehicles.

Driver Centric Approach

It is no secret that the passengers endure pain while using taxi or autorickshaw service. Blame is often laid at the door of the drivers. However, what Rakesh Agarwal witnessed, studied in depth and later fought against since 2002 was the victimisation of the entire drivers’ community whereas the real culprits were bad regulations, poor implementation of the law and an exploitative environment. Entry of the aggregators has not helped. In fact, they have turned out to be dons at the very top.

The desire to initiate reforms on a large scale gave birth to the idea of a market-oriented approach. In the long run, we envision redefining mobility from the perspective of accessibility, affordability, comfort, driver behaviour, traffic congestion and protection of environment through optimised use of vehicles while ensuring the upward social and economic mobility of drivers and their families.

We invite conscientious citizens to adopt Sewa Cab as their own and be a part of it. Sewa Cab is for greater good. It is much more than transportation. It is about changing, mainstreaming millions of lives.


Rakesh Agarwal

Founder & CEO


Rakesh Agarwal

Rakesh Agarwal, besides being an entrepreneur with global experience, is also a social activist focussing on RTI, transport policy and governance reforms. One of his life’s missions is to help the 20 million strong drivers’ community across India to build for themselves and their loved ones a better life.

Manisha Pandey

Head of Operations


Manisha Pandey

Manisha interacts directly with the drivers who are the company’s only touch-point for customers.Nothing matters more to her than a customer enjoying a hassle-free ride in a clean vehicle driven by a presentable driver. That, she believes, will eventually bring about positive transformation in a driver’s life.

Shivangi Jain

Head of Business Expansion


Shivangi Jain

Alumni of the prestigious Parsons School of Design in New York, Shivangi prides herself as being a problem-solver and a strategist. She specializes in design solutions combining both analytical and creative strategies. She is currently helping the firm plan its growth in multiple cities outside of Delhi-NCR.

Apurva Kaushik

Head of HR


Apurva Kaushik

Apurva has 7 years of multi-functional HR experience across manufacturing and services sectors with special focus on the entire life cycle of recruitment. A good listener, a well organised multi-tasker and an assertive team player, she is responsible for maintaining an efficient work environment.

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